Youtube the guess who midnight special

The Guess Who Live - Undun - Midnight Special - - YouTube. Explore The Guess Who, Burton Cummings, and more!. The Guess Who Live - Undun - Midnight Special - - YouTube. Listen to "Star Baby" ( TV performance) on YouTube. "Star Baby" is a hit song by The Guess Who. It was written by Burton Cummings who also The Guess Who performed "Star Baby" on The Midnight Special television program.

[MEDIA] I thought I would share this here, based on the favorable feedback I received on YouTube. In my opinion, this is one of Randy. The thing that made The Guess Who so special is that unlike most others, the band stayed .. We were doing the midnight special a lot at the time, and we had gotten really friendly . It seems that my entire life is on YouTube. Burton Cummings explained that the song began as a jam and was originally called "Clap For Napoleon." As they were appearing on NBC's Midnight Special a.